Architecture. Design. Exclusiveness. Mixis Arquitectos.

If you have to design for people, you must observe, understand and sympathize with them. ” – RICHARD NEUTRA

Architecture is that. And much more.

It is creating useful constructions, as well as impressive.

It is to combine design and exclusivity with the needs of each person and each project, always offering a solution from within.

It is to materialize ideas and dreams, from the practical and useful, exceeding expectations.

A mix of design and exclusivity, which must be added with the experience of a close and transparent team.

And it is in the mixture of all those values, of all those attributes and qualities that define the architecture that the core of Mixis Arquitectos is found.

Who we are: The Studio.

In 2010 David Calvo and Luis Quesada, both architects, decided to partner to found their own studio in Ibiza. Guided by a common passion for architecture and design, today they start a new stage in which Mixis continues to grow and develop new projects. programs and scales that take as their starting point and main objective the modern design of high quality at the service of the client. Seeking recognition in the value of the result of each work.

In 2019 the architect Anna Fernández Abelló is associated, who collaborates with them from Barcelona. The basic principles are to provide a service based on a close relationship with the client, rigor in all phases of the project, and effective results. We understand each project as unique experiences and responses, with original and unsuspected results, based on a modern design and maximum functionality that respond to the specific circumstances and needs of each program and place. Elaborating what we could consider exclusive and handcrafted designs using modern and sustainable technology.

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Our values. What is Mixis Arquitectos.

After more than 10 years developing Architecture projects, Mixis Arquitectos has developed several dozen projects under one premise: proximity.

The proximity based on providing the best possible experience to each client through an eminently close relationship and constant monitoring in each phase of the project. Which translates into rigor and effectiveness in them.

At Mixis we understand each project as an opportunity to materialize a dream, an idea, so to each idea, to each dream, we provide a unique experience and response.

We always seek excellencein each execution.

We feel each designas the real manifestation between creativity, usability and sustainability.

Where beauty and style come together to create spaces that are full of good sensations and experiences. There we meet.

Services. How can we help you.

Mixis Arquitectos provides four basic services for the development of projects, providing the necessary flexibility according to the type of client and their needs. They are what we consider Architecture, Interior Design and Work Management Services, which can be contracted separately, and the Comprehensive service, when all three are desired in unison.

All of them are used to apply to any type of residential architecture project, equipment, commercial, rehabilitation and landscaping. You can enter each one and know its contents

Mixis Archuitecture.

Mixis Interior Design.

Mixis Integral.

Mixis Management.

Types of projects we work with.

Design in all its aspects is reflected in each of the types of projects in which we embark.

Always adapting to the needs of the type of project, client and functionality of the space in question, at Mixis Arquitectos we are specialized in Design and Architecture in the following areas:

Mixis Arquitectos. Exclusive Architecture in Ibiza.

Thus, with the same enthusiasm as on the first day, Mixis Arquitectos continues to materialize ideas and dreams of residents of Ibiza, Spain or abroad on a daily basis.. There are no limits to materialize certain dreams. You have the idea. We shape it. And together we make sense of it.

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