architecture services

We develop architecture projects that are made up of four basic phases:

1. preliminar phase

The preliminary project will be the phase that will offer the design ideas solving the client’s program.

It will contain graphic documentation with plans, elevations and perspectives through a dossier of infographics that will be delivered to the client until a final design decision is reached.

It is the phase where Mixis Arquitectos, together with the client, tries to find original and unsuspected results in each project, which make each project a unique experience and response, distinguished above all by the value of high-quality architectural design that meets all needs.

2. basic project phase

The basic project will be the phase that develops the documentation to request a major work license.

It will contain the documentation required by law in the form of written and graphic documentation for obtaining a building license.

Mixis Arquitectos is in charge of processing the file and building license in all competent bodies, as well as monitoring the file with continuity to intervene as soon as possible in the event of a request by any administration and in order to avoid prolonging the processing of the file and withdraw the license in the shortest possible time.

3. execution project phase

The execution project will define the basic project at a technical level. It will contain the documentation required by law for Execution Projects, graphic documentation of floors, interior elevations and ceilings, all with specification of materials, textures, colors and fixed elements of bathroom and kitchen installations, Plans and structural details of the elements, Construction details of singular elements, Details of carpentry explorations, Installation plans of fixed elements, mainly lighting, plumbing, sound and air conditioning with specification of models of luminaires, grilles, taps, toilets.

Mixis Arquitectos will carry out the technical assistance necessary for the complete integration of the other specific technical projects necessary for the complete definition of the project, as well as prepare the measurements and budget with the maximum rigor to ensure total control of the project.

4. construction management phase

In the construction management phase, Mixis Arquitectos guarantees to represent the client for all technical and economic purposes with the different bidding construction companies and resolve any technical clarification with the different official bodies that may be involved.

Likewise, it ensures the advice to the client in the defense of the project design and of their interests in the actions that the client agrees against with contractors and other professionals, as well as the supervision of the quality regulations and the criteria adopted in this field by the client, the monitoring and control coordinated with the Surveyor to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives including the budget, the term and the quality and the carrying out of visits in the pertinent architect work and permanent disposition for clarification of doubts of execution or project.